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Isabel Espinoza, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for cleanliness, founded Isa Cleaning Plus in 2009 in the bustling city of Cypress, Texas. With a deep commitment to providing top-notch cleaning services for both homes and offices, Isabel has built a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who share her dedication to excellence.


We understand that our value clients are hire professional cleaners to save time and energy. Our clients love to stress-free way to enjoy the benefits of an immaculate home, and our purpose is to provide high-quality results without hassle. We work toward this goal according by:

  • Maintaining high standards quality of cleaning also to be integrity and honesty
  • Focusing on the best and consistent customer satisfaction every time after cleaning
  • Provide the cleaning professions with full level of support that they need to perform to their fullest potential


Is to stablish a new industry standard with a solid focus on providing quality cleaning. We strive to provide our clients with consistent excellence in this area through the use of advanced technologies and proven-safe products. We actively search for new opportunities to improve our efforts and to continue to raise the bar for the cleaning industry going forward.

Our maids have considerable and good experience and are dedicated to the goal of completing quality work in every home that they clean. Isa cleaning plus is the company that you want working in your home. Our ethical, dependable cleaning team is available to begin cleaning your home soon. To learn more about our services and the difference we can make in your home, gives us call or text today.


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