Isa Cleaning Plus


We are a company dedicated to cleaning houses, offices among other commercial facilities. We take care of making your spaces shine and represent the essence of what you want to convey.


Our story begins 15 years ago when Isabel Espinoza, CEO of Isa’s Cleaning Plus, founded the company, offering the service to schools, and little by little, thanks to her efficiency and responsibility, in a couple of months she escalated, giving life to what we know as Isa Plus Cleanse today.


Everything was possible thanks to the quality that her services guarantee and the complete trust that more than 200 clients have placed in her and in the team, which has resulted in a sustainable company over time.



Leave your spaces clean and shiny without having to worry about it, so that you have more time to share with your family or develop your business.


To become the number 1 cleaning company on the market.

Who makes up our team?

Resolute, proactive and empowered women dedicated to cleaning your spaces.